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Refreshed Strategic Priorities

These priorities are supported by a decades-long, unwavering commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, as well as to academic excellence.

 Student Experience and
National and International Impact and VisibilityChicago and Community
Entrepreneurial University
DescriptionStudents are at the center of UIC’s mission and its success. We will create an inclusive and innovative learning environment where all students are supported, equipped for success in their academic and post-graduate endeavors, and prepared to achieve their full potential.UIC is a hub of cutting-edge research and innovation. We will promote significant contributions that foster discovery and advance medical knowledge and clinical care, spur scientific, technological, and social progress, and advance civic and global citizenship.Civic and community engagement are integral to our mission. We will collaborate with local stakeholders and organizations as true partners to address critical social and economic issues to advance the city of Chicago and beyond.Advancing the public good will require entrepreneurial thinking and action. We will further innovation and enhance our impact by developing a culture of entrepreneurship that strengthens our mission areas while also helping to sustain our operations.
  • Cultivate Student Potential
    at UIC and Beyond
  • Increase Coordination to
    Provide Equitable Support
    and Experiences
  • Foster Equity and
    Inclusion to Advance
    Student Achievement
  • Access to High-Quality
  • Advance Teaching and
    Mentoring to Increase
    Student Success and
  • Further Innovative
    Delivery Methods and
    Interdisciplinary Programs
  • Promote Excellence in
  • Advance Medical and
    Scientific Knowledge
  • Leverage UIC’s Societal
    Impact to Augment
  • Align Operations to
    Accelerate Research
  • Support and Drive
    Interdisciplinary and
    Transdisciplinary Activity
  • Deliver Coordinated
    Communications that
    Represent UIC’s Breadth
  • Collaborate as Equal
  • Advance UIC’s
    Commitment to the city of
  • Expand Top Quality
    Health Care
  • Integrate Structures and
    Align Incentives that
    Encourage Engagement
  • Communicate UIC’s
    Impact in Ways that Lead
    to More Opportunities
  • Foster a Culture that
    Values Creativity,
    Initiative, and Adaptability
  • Build Infrastructure and
    Allocate Resources to
    Advance Entrepreneurship
  • Create a Space for
    Experimentation and
    Sharing of Best Practices
  • Increase Efficiency to
    Support Agile and Market Responsive Activity

Refreshed Strategic Priorities: Implementation Enablers and Illustrative Success Indicators Heading link

Implementation Enablers

What factors are necessary to support successful implementation?
Illustrative Success Indicators

How will we know we are being successful?
  • Financial and human resources to support growth and innovation
  • Coordination and complementary efforts to disseminate best practices
    and increase impact
  • Compelling and effective communications to highlight UIC’s strengths
    and differentiators
  • Accountability and transparency to promote collaboration and progress
  • Analytical capabilities to measure and track progress on initiatives

  • Diversity of students, faculty, and staff
  • Student outcomes (e.g., graduation rates, job placement rates)
  • Alumni engagement
  • Amount of grant funding
  • Number of faculty awards, fellowships, and publications
  • Number of community and industry partnerships
  • Community-based research dollars
  • Number of patents and start-ups