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A five-year plan to enhance student support and build on the university’s national and global reputation.

The UIC Strategic Priorities will be our guide as we, together, shape the future of UIC.

Chancellor Michael Amiridis

The University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) is an acclaimed research university that supports and inspires students in an urban environment. Our strength derives from our devoted top-tier faculty and staff who share a commitment to the promise of public education, the advancement of knowledge in their scholarly fields, and the imperatives of social justice and civic engagement. Furthermore, our entire university community embraces an ethic of care for the well-being of those we serve.

While there are many public research universities, none is, like UIC, so quintessentially positioned at the intersection of research and urban life. Located in the heart of Chicago, we are on the cutting edge of scholarship and service for a rapidly urbanizing world. We also hold the distinction of being one of Illinois’ leading health care providers, with an expansive health care education and services enterprise throughout the state. We benefit from the deep relationships we have with the neighborhoods we serve, and in turn we give back by helping build and support just and sustainable communities.

UIC must look ahead even as we face a widening disjuncture between contemporary demands and our institutional capacity to respond. Limited state support, increasing demands, and an ever-changing economic and demographic environment require that we become a more entrepreneurial university – an institution positioned to fulfill its public purpose despite external constraints. To do so we must leverage our strengths to shape the future, while our commitment to education, scholarship, community engagement, and social justice will continue to be our guiding principle driving UIC forward.

The following set of strategic priorities provide fresh thinking for how, over the next five years, we can leverage our strengths to shape the future by supporting our students, enhancing our reputation on a national and international stage, engaging Chicago, and its communities, and operating in new ways to foster and advance innovation. While the University has always excelled, we can, and will, do even better. By pursuing these priorities, we will continue to provide our students with a high-quality public education, support the efforts of our faculty and staff, and better serve the people of our city and our state.

PDF version Leveraging Our Strengths to Shape the Future

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