Resource Strategy

The UIC Resource Strategy Team (RST), has in this report, identified areas of university operations that could a) operate more efficiently and save administrative time, b) create cost savings, c) present opportunities for the generation of new revenue, and d) provide a more ideal learning and research environment reducing unnecessary administrative burdens on faculty, staff, and students. Though this report is not exhaustive, it does advance the goal to identify issues and solutions to improve practices and policies that affect UIC operations.

This report contains a series of recommendations organized in categories consistent with the Subcommittees: Human Resources (HR); Business Processes; Research Administration; Centers and Institutes; and Strategic Resources. In addition to the narrative for the recommendations, this report also includes a summary table of the recommendations by categories described above and examples of these recommendations related to Centers and Institutes.

Recommendations fall into three major categories: overall philosophy and principles (e.g. the primacy of UIC’s academic mission); recommendations that can be implemented easily and immediately; and recommendations that require further information and analysis.

To assist Chancellor Amiridis in the full consideration of these recommendations, the Team recommends that the Chancellor establish a Process Improvement Unit, whose focus would be the consideration and implementation of the recommendations contained in this report. This unit should be collaborative, transparent and data driven.

The Chancellor’s Resource Strategy Team offers this report as advice to the Chancellor and his leadership team, with the assumption that improving UIC operations and use of resources will advance the worthy aspiration of guiding the UIC community to even greater heights.